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I have never played lacrosse. Is it hard to learn?

We have new players join us at every level, from elementary to high school, who have never picked up a stick before. It is never too late to start, no matter what grade you are in.  The basic skills are catching and throwing; any player can start to learn the game by going to a concrete wall with a lacrosse stick and ball. Several YouTube videos demonstrate the basic motion.

Who can register for MI Lacrosse teams?

Athletes must be residents of Mercer Island or attend a MISD school.  Mercer Island athletes who attend a non-MISD school may register with the MILC if their school does not field a lacrosse team.  If the non-MISD School does field a team, the player must participate on that school’s team, per the Washington School Lacrosse Association rules. Athletes who attend non-MISD schools and live outside of Mercer Island must play for the school that is closest to their home. This includes K-8 programs as well.

How do I register an athlete?

Registration is online and listed on Programs Page at www.mercerislandlacrosse.com. All players in grades 3rd through 12th must be current members of US Lacrosse (valid through dates of registered program). US Lacrosse memberships must be renewed before starting the online MILC registration process. Registration is online and listed on the Programs Page. High School athletes must also submit to the MIHS Athletic Office either the Initial or Repeat MIHS Eligibility Packet and a Lacrosse Safety/Risk Letter in order to take the field.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes, for full-season registrations only. Please submit your request at least 30 days prior to the registration open date. High School athletes should contact the MIHS Athletic Dept. facilitator or their MIHS counselor for information.

What is your refund policy?

Mercer Island Lacrosse Club Cancellation Policy: 
Players not accepted onto any team or not completing tryouts will receive full refunds. Prior to the first game (K-2: Prior to first Sunday) fees are refunded less a 15% administration fee. After the first game (K-2: After first Sunday), no fees will be refunded.
For discontinued play due to a season-ending injury, refunds will be pro-rated based on the remaining games (K-2: Remaining Sundays) in the season, less the 15% administrative fee.

Are all registered athletes automatically given a space on a team?

The number of teams is determined annually based on the distribution of registered players within the league-mandated age groups.  The High School program holds tryouts for spots on one of the three teams and occasionally there are insufficient spots for the number of players trying out.  All players that are placed on teams must register with both the Mercer Island Lacrosse Club and MIHS. Players must submit all relevant fees in order to participate.

When does lacrosse season start?

Each of the programs begins at different times. The Middle School Program (grades 5-8) begins practices in early February and games begin in early March. The High School program holds tryouts in late February and begins games in March. The elementary program practices begin in early March and games start in mid-late March. Most league games end in May and the teams often participate in post-season tournaments or playoffs. 

Where are practices and games held?

The Elementary and Middle School teams practice on MI fields.  Past practice locations have included the three island Elementary Schools, Islander Middle School, and the Lid Playfield.  The High School teams practice at one of the MIHS fields.  All of the K-2nd grade games are played on Mercer Island.  Players in 3rd grade and above compete both on MI fields and at various locations throughout the Eastside and sometimes Seattle. High School games are played in various locations throughout the Puget Sound.

Where can I find my game schedule?

Games for 3rd-8th grades are listed on the Greater Eastside Lacrosse League website. High School games can be found on the Sportability website. These links can also be found on the MILC website homepage.

Is transportation provided to away games?

Transportation by MISD bus is provided for High School athletes. For Elementary and Middle School players, parents provide transportation to away games.

Are uniforms provided to athletes?

Uniforms are issued to High School athletes and must be returned at the end of the season.  Grades 3rd-4th and Middle School athletes are provided a game jersey that must be returned at the end of the season. K-2nd grade players receive their own t-shirt to keep and wear every Sunday for scrimmages.

What equipment is required?

Grades K-2: stick only. Grades 3-8: full equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, stick, mouth guard). Equipment is available at Breakaway Sports, Sports Authority and through various online vendors.

Where can I learn about the lacrosse game and its rules?

Each February, the MILC offers a Lacrosse 101 session, which teaches the basics of lacrosse. We also offer a scorekeeping clinic for parents of players in grades 5-12. In addition, there is plenty of information available online a good place to start is the US Lacrosse website, www.uslacrosse.org

What are the ways to volunteer?

The MILC is run by volunteers who work hard to extend players the opportunity to enjoy the game of lacrosse.  Every parent volunteer is needed and everyone is expected to help in some way. There are always plenty of requests and opportunities for volunteer assistance.

Can I donate to the program?

Donations are greatly appreciated and support the continued growth and success of MILC.  
To make a donation please mail your check, payable to MILC, to 8441 SE 68th Street, PMB 261, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

What if I still have questions?

Contact:  info@mercerislandlacrosse.com