'01,'04,'05,'06 & 2011 State Champions

HS Official Referee

Every Saturday there are youth lacrosse games all across western Washington that need referees. Games pay around $45 for a 2 hour game and refs that work hard can make well over $1,000 in s single spring season. All this while you’re running around, hanging out with fellow lacrosse players and learning more about the game. If you’re interested, it all starts with getting trained and certified. From there, we will help you get registered with our scheduler so you can get games and a paycheck

How to become a Lacrosse Referee:

• Send an email to waloa@msn.com to get registered for the training
• Attend the training from 9:30am - 3:30pm at SPU
• A second regional training session will be offered to those that attend the primary training on 2/10
• Register with our league scheduler
• Setup a www.RefPay.com account
• From there, the scheduler will assign you to games and the system is all handled via email. 
• Work the games you’re assigned
• The league will pay you through RefPay
• Have fun!

For more information download the pdf official flyer.